Welcome to The Two Gents Ale House

http://www.fermatainc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/austin-at-night.jpgThe Two Gents Ale House is the place to be any day of the week!  The Two Gents Ale House is the premier bar downtown to come hang out with your friends and have a good time. With two stories, four bars and a rooftop deck that has a spectacular view of the skyline, The Two Gents one of the best places in town to come and have a drink. We have 10 local beers on tap that change seasonally. Our all-star staff pours it the best when you’re the one calling the shots. We have happy hour from 5:00 pm-8:30 pm every day and different drink specials every night.  The Two Gents Ale House offers some of the best drinks at the best prices.  Every nights a different drink special to meet your needs.

Listen to live music.  With live music Thursday through Monday, you and your friends will be able to drink and dance the night away. We have all kinds of music from live bands playing country and rock n’ roll on stage at our back bar; to DJ’s spinning turn tables with dance music up stairs on the deck so you can dance with the stars.http://nightclub54.com/friday-is-dj-night/

  • Downstairs- The first story of The Two Gents is where you will find our draft beers, from Austin Beer Works located at the front bar. Further back you will find our patio bar and artist stage where our house band plays rock n’ roll all night. But before you head all the way back there, be sure to take hook a hard left and check out the where we play all the latest 80’s dance music.
  • Upstairs- On the second story here at The Two Gents you can find a beautiful view of the city skyline, a massive bar equipped with two 52″ plasma screen TV’s, the dance floor and our second DJ playing remixes to all of todays latest dance hits from Americas Top 40.

We love butts so bring yours in here.  Here at The Two Gents we also have a private room for any parties or work events. The room provides your own private bar and bartender along with one of our house djs or bands, which ever suits your needs.  With our professional security staff you can be sure that none of the outside riff raff will be let in to rain on your parade or puke on your Prada.  Two Gents strives for a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

The Two Gents Ale House is all about the customer. Our mission is to provide quality drinks with friendly service in our fun and safe atmosphere. So please, come on out and enjoy the night with your best friends and the best bartenders around. See you soon!

Got a favorite dance hit, band, or drink we don’t have? Tell us and we will do our best to meet your needs!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Two Gents Ale House

  1. Sounds like a great place. Maybe I missed it, but what is your role with the venue? Along with that, what are you hoping to get from ACC? If you’re looking for great music, The Followthrough can definitely provide. We will be at Maggie Mae’s downstairs March 6th.


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