Drink Specials


Every day of the week here at The Two Gents we have amazing specials! Here you can find all of our daily drink and shot specials. With happy hour every day from 3pm to 8:30pm and amazing bartenders what isn’t special about today. Come relax and unwind with us!

Monday: Happy Hour we have our bartenders serving up some of the tastiest Long Island Iced Teas for only $2. If that doesn’t meet your fancy try any of our $3 Local Drafts from Austin Beerworks.  But if you miss out on Happy Hour never fear, we have got you covered. After happy hour is over we still have $3 local drafts and wells.Austin Beerworks

Tuesday: For Happy Hour you can find yourself drinking down one homemade Bloody Mary’s for only $3. When the night comes be sure to bring your friends for our Fireball shot special, just $2!

Wednesday: Our Happy Hour bartenders will be happy to serve you an ice cold $3 Local Draft or for just a dollar more you could have one of our hand crafted micheladas. Once the sun goes down we will be serving up some top notch premium cocktails for $5.

Thursday:  During happy hour and all night long be sure to quench your thirst with one of our Well Liquor Pitchers for only $5! If you aren’t that thirsty don’t worry we have shot specials going on at the bar, Fireball is back and it’s only $2 again tonight. DON’T MISS OUT!!! Every week from Thursday until Saturday we have our cocktail waitresses walking around with $2 Jell-O shots. If you’re not into Jell-O shots don’t worry tonight we have our keg with beer for $2, shots for $2, and bottles of champagne on sale for $10!wshot

Friday: It’s Friday everyone and we have got Long Island Ice Tea Pitchers on sale all day and night for $5. Any time before 11pm be sure to ask one of our bartenders about our $2 shot special that includes pickle shots, kamikazes, and whiskey! We still have that keg don’t you worry about that!

Saturday: Happy Hour today includes $3 Drafts, wells, and domestics. Start your night off right with our bomb special for $5, any kind of bombs you could ask for only $5!

Sunday: Sunday Funday! Be sure to stop by today and have some $2 mimosas during our Happy Hour today. After Happy Hour’s over we are looking out for you and your wallet cause we have got $2 wells!

What’s your ideal day/night to go out?


One thought on “Drink Specials

  1. With such great specials at this place every night would be a good day to go out. I personally like to go out on Fridays and Saturdays and with these prices you might turn me in to an alcoholic. I’ll see y’all Friday!

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