South By South West


It may be the middle of February but we are looking ahead to one of Austin’s biggest events in the middle of March, South By Southwest. SXSW is only a month away and we are cleaning up the hearts and roses from Valentine’s Day and getting ready for one of the biggest interactive events in Texas. South By brings music, interactive, and movies to our big city and gets people busy and excited for what’s to come.

The possibilities are endless!

In years past we have been a SXSW venue. That means we host all kinds of events for you to come and join in on. We host many things from bar tabs companies have paid for to bring attention to a new product to live bands put on by some of the bigger companies, which means big names. If it’s happening here you know that means you have a chance to get up close and personal with the whole experience that is SXSW! Be sure to check back here regularly to get the latest news on who’s playing here and when.


You guys remember that Happy Hour we have daily? Well it’s getting better! During SXSW we will be opening 3 HOURS EARLY!! Every day we will be opening our doors to you and the SXSW community at noon. With longer hours here plan to give you a watering hole headquarters. If you’re out on the town doing whatever it is you may be doing at SXSW don’t worry we have  got all of your thirst quenching needs here at The Two Gents!  We have our normal specials every day during happy hour and every night when just the same! Be sure to come out and share a drink and have a good time while enjoying your SXSW experience with us.

Reservations and Company Partiesprivate-parties-

Here at The Two Gents we have all you need to host your companies meet up. We have a private room away from all of the hustle and bustle of the SXSW madness or you can rent out our top deck to overlook the city and the awesomeness. To place reservations contact us in the email provided.

What are you doing for South By Southwest?


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