3 Reasons we are the best bar in your area.

According to many different blogs, magazines, and interviews it takes a lot of things to have a “good bar.” After doing some research and looking back on The Two Gents I think that we have all that it takes to have a good bar! Some people may disagree, but they probably work somewhere else or are just jealous. Take a look at some of the links in this post and keep those links in mind next time you come visit The Two Gents Ale House!

When we did a self-evaluation on our bar we needed something to go off of. While searching for a good bar we found two posts that stood out to us. One of the links was from Esquire and the other from Serious Eats. Esquire wrote a piece called, “9 essential ingredients that make a good bar.” After looking that over we found that even though we don’t have menus or glass wear we still meet requirements that make a good bar.7 out of 9, not too shabby (especially since we aren’t allowed to have glass ware due to our upstairs desk and the risk of glass falling off and potentially hurting someone.) Serious Eats’ blog post, “From behind the bar: What makes a good bar?” was more technical evaluation of the bar and bartenders. Community, passion, and atmosphere! I would like to go ahead and show you what The Two Gents Ale House has to offer in these categories and prove to you that we do our best to execute them every single night.

  1. Community – The community here at The Two Gents has grown and proven itself to be one of best in our city. The week by week and day by day clientele are what make this bar run. We appeal to all kinds of people. With our very professional door staff you can be sure that we intend on keeping the reputation of our bars community held to the highest standard of any bar in our area.
    • The back room and second floor deck have dance music ready for the people that want to come out, dance, drink, and party the night away.
    • Our patio stage with our house band or sometimes special guests is for people that want to come out and share some good times with their friends and the band.
    • Then we have our front bar with sports, draft beers, music from the top of the billboards, and some of the best bartenders to please your drinking needs.

  2. Passion – Our bartenders strive to quench your thirst with some of the best drinks you’ve ever tasted. To see people have a good time and drink with their friends is what we love to see, so we want to try and make happen every night. Or if you want to come out alone and get away from everything you can get to know us. Meeting new people and making real connections to find out more about the customer is what it’s all about here so come in and see us perform our passion and get to know your bartenders!
  3. Atmosphere – The atmosphere at The Two Gents is unlike any other you’ve ever been to and we can guarantee it! With our four bars and multitude of bartenders we bring the life into your night each and every night. We have all kinds of music to go along with your night out on the town weather you came to dance or just to enjoy some good music and drinks with your friends. With our different drink specials every night of the week you’re sure to find what you need to help meet your and your wallets need. If you aren’t spending a ton of money on drinks you’re going to have a good time.

Every night we do our part to make sure that you can come out and have a fun, safe, and memorable night. Next time you visit The Two Gents Ale House take a moment to make sure that we are executing all of these things to the fullest!

What do you look for in a good bar?


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons we are the best bar in your area.

  1. Every thing you mentioned here I look for in a good bar. Also the music is really key for me. If a bar doesn’t play the music I like I wont stay long for the most part.


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