What if SXSW happened twice a year?

Today I was sitting around with some of my buddies. While we were talking my buddy Chris brought up a good question, “What if SXSW happened twice a year?” So this got me and everyone else there thinking. What would happen if South By South West took place in Austin two times every year. First we thought when would it happen? That’s easy it would have to happen at the end of summer right before all the kids went back to school.

Then we thought well who would play there? Would it be like this year when rap seemed to have taken over the down town scene? Or would it be like years past when it was just about every genre spread out and trickled throughout Austin? We decided it would be best if it was like years past so everyone can enjoy every bit of it.

After that we thought well since it’s going to be happening at near the beginning of school will everyone (audiences, bands, film makers, and businesses) be able to make it out? But just like any festival or big live event the true fans and the die-hard businesses showcasing their products are always going to make sure they are available for something as big as SXSW.

This brought up another question, since this is SXSW part 2 will everyone want to come back for a round two? Not necessarily, everyone that went to the beach, out of  the country, or where ever else they may have gone for spring break will now have a second chance to catch SXSW 2.

All and all we think of SXSW 2 taking part in summer as not only a second chance for the fans but also for the businesses and the bands that were mid-tour or out sick. So what do you think of this crazy idea to have a SXSW at the end of the summer?


Critiquing The New Arrivals

For this post I will be using what I call a taste meter. The taste meter is a measure of how tasty I find something in my personal opinion. The end result will be graded on a scale of 1 (being the worst) and 10 (being the best). Enjoy.

To begin I would like to examine the newest edition of Jack Daniels to our bar, Jack Daniels Fire. Jack Daniels Fire is a smooth and easy down the hatch cinnamon whiskey. It goes down great chilled or at room temperature, depending on how you like your whiskey. Often if people don’t like to take their whiskey straight you can always add some coke to you drink or shot. All and all I give Jack Daniels Fire a 10 out of 10 score on the taste meter.

Next on our list of new additions to our bar is Deep Eddy Lemon. Deep Eddy Lemon is vodka with an added twist of lemon. While we tried taking this straight we found that it was better chilled rather than at room temperature. Later we tried adding some Sprite with it to make it a little bit easier to go down. Since it already has the lemon added to it there isn’t much more we could add to it to make it any better. So in the end we had to give Deep Eddy Lemon 8 out of 10 on the taste meter.

For our third and final new arrival we have, Crown Royal Apple. Crown Royal Apple is a crisp taste of whiskey with a hint of apple. When first trying this out we tried it like the others, chilled it was just okay, and at room temperature it was pretty good. Once we started adding mixers it only got better. But, when we added coke, we found it was clear that coke and Crown Royal Apple was hands down the best mix of them all. So to sum it up, we gave Crown Royal Apple 7 out of 10 on the taste meter.

Maybe you have a favorite we left out, if so let us know in the comments. Thank you.


Before I begin I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that came out and hung out with us at South By South West this year.

On the first day of South By South West we opened our doors to EVERYONE. That means no badges, no wristbands, and no VIP lines. To go along with all of that we had started some new specials for some of our favorites including, Fireball shots, Well Liquor Pitchers, and our personal favorite Moscow Mule Pitchers. All of you took to our specials like white on rice. With our lowered prices and it seemed like constant liquor rep. promotions we kept your bodies relaxed and hydrated while keeping a smile on your faces. Once film and interactive was over we began the music portion with a huge 3 day long FREE Rock N’ Roll showcase. We had some of our favorites stop by such as The Kul, and man did those guys rock! We also had a few of our door guys’ bands stop by and play a few sets.

In between all of that we had our St. Patrick’s Day bash! On St. Patrick’s Day we made up a few special drink specials. Adding to our already amazing drink specials we had Irish Car Bombs and Jameson on special. It wouldn’t have been St. Patrick’s Day if we weren’t jamming out to some classic Irish music and handing out free green beads with each purchase of Jameson or an Irish Car Bomb. Needless to say St. Patrick’s Day was a huge success, and we want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and celebrating it with us.

With the reactions we received from y’all we plan on keeping it free and open to the public every year from here on out. So if you missed out this year we hope to see you and all of your friends next year.

New Exclusive Deals for You & Yours

This week we FINALLY launched our Facebook page!

Starting this week we will begin posting special updates about our drink specials and live music events on our Facebook page. You can use our Facebook page to show us some love and tell us how we can better your experience at The Two Gents Ale House. We are always looking for new ways to keep you in tune and interested in our business. So for the next couple of months we will be giving away free drinks and other great prizes for certain things that we will be posting about. Each month we will post a list of tasks that you can do to receive free stuff. Each task will have something to do with the bar and won’t cost you any money. Look for tasks in future posts here and on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/TwoGentsAleHouse?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Here is the first list of tasks:

  1. Like us our Facebook page.
  2. Share us with your friends on Facebook.
  3. Bring your phone or any device with the Facebook capabilities to the bar BEFORE 11PM and show the bartender that you have “Liked” our Facebook page to receive your free drink (well drinks only).

  4. If you “Shared” our page with 10 or more people, show the bartender that you have successfully invited 10 or more of your friends to like our Facebook page and enjoy any of our top shelf drinks.
  5. If you “Shared” our page with over 25 people and can show proof to our bartender not only will you receive any drink of your choice but we will throw in a free Two Gents Ale House T-Shirt. Just tell the bartender your size and enjoy your new Two Gents Ale House T-Shirt. (While supplies last.)

Good luck to everyone! We look forward to seeing you and your friends sharing the greatness that is The Two Gents Ale House!

Thank you to Branding Personality for the wonderful idea!

Do you have any ideas for giveaways or contests? Let us know here!