What if SXSW happened twice a year?

Today I was sitting around with some of my buddies. While we were talking my buddy Chris brought up a good question, “What if SXSW happened twice a year?” So this got me and everyone else there thinking. What would happen if South By South West took place in Austin two times every year. First we thought when would it happen? That’s easy it would have to happen at the end of summer right before all the kids went back to school.

Then we thought well who would play there? Would it be like this year when rap seemed to have taken over the down town scene? Or would it be like years past when it was just about every genre spread out and trickled throughout Austin? We decided it would be best if it was like years past so everyone can enjoy every bit of it.

After that we thought well since it’s going to be happening at near the beginning of school will everyone (audiences, bands, film makers, and businesses) be able to make it out? But just like any festival or big live event the true fans and the die-hard businesses showcasing their products are always going to make sure they are available for something as big as SXSW.

This brought up another question, since this is SXSW part 2 will everyone want to come back for a round two? Not necessarily, everyone that went to the beach, out of  the country, or where ever else they may have gone for spring break will now have a second chance to catch SXSW 2.

All and all we think of SXSW 2 taking part in summer as not only a second chance for the fans but also for the businesses and the bands that were mid-tour or out sick. So what do you think of this crazy idea to have a SXSW at the end of the summer?


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