How to have a Successful Night Downtown, Austin

In this post I would like to drop some knowledge on you. By the end of this blog hopefully you will understand how to have a successful but more importantly a SAFE night in the down town Austin bar scene. Throughout this post, you will learn from some of the regulars, bartenders and security here at The Two Gents Ale House about how to have good, safe fun with your friends in downtown, Austin.

Getting ready:

Getting ready to go out is easy. “Depending on which direction you are going to head in downtown, Austin will decide how you get dressed. If you are going somewhere on west 6th street, you may want to dress a little bit nicer than you would if you were headed east 6th street.”, says George, one of our experienced security team members. To help you decide you can use this link to find out all about 6th street here: Once you have decided where you are going, and we all know it’s going to be here at The Two Gents Ale House, you need to decide when you want to get there. Would you rather be the lines and wait on a crowd? Alternatively, are you one to wait a little while and see which clubs or bars have a line? After you and your friends decide where you are going and, when your leaving next is to decide how you are getting there and how you are getting back home. Would you rather take a cab or designate someone as the designated driver and have him or her not drink? These are all the things you should think about before you make your way down town.

Once you have arrived:
Once you have arrived, our regular Catfish says, “you should walk around the town and take it all in. You should see where you want to go and which bars catch your eye from the outside.” After you have decided which bar(s) meet your fancy, what specials catch your eye, and which lines you feel like waiting in, it’s all pretty simple from here on out. Jack our front bar manager says, “Just have fun and be safe. If you need anything, ask a bartender or security guard.”

Leaving the bar:

Leaving the bar, this is the most crucial part of your trip. First things first, close your tab. Next, make sure that you have everyone in your group (make sure that they closed their tabs too). Security here says, “Make sure you use the bathroom before you leave, once the doors are closed no one can come back in”. From everyone here at The Two Gents, “Make sure that you have a safe ride home.”

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