New Ways to Keep In Touch

This week we launched our new Twitter hashtag, #TwoGentsAleHouse to help you keep in touch with us. This hashtag is used in our online giveaways, contests, and updates. You can use the hashtag anytime you would like to associate anything with us. Once we get our

Instagram up and running we will be sure to use our homemade hashtag there too, then you can finally tag us in all of your selfies, family photos, and when you are just taking pictures with friends. The hashtag will also help us keep in touch with you! You can send us your ideas, reviews, good vibes, whatever you want to say to us. With your input, we will be able to have an outside look on our bar. Giving us a new perspective is always refreshing. We are looking forward to having some new comments and a different outlook on our bar.

As always,
Thank You!

Do you have any ideas on how to make our bar better? Leave a comment here.



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