Cinco De Mayo Review 2015

This year for Cinco De Mayo we decided to go all out. The bar was filled with lively Tejano music, Mexican decorations, and some free hand outs. Jose Cuervo and other tequilas were flowing like water. Upstairs it seemed like everyone was salsa dancing. We went as far as to give our house band a night off and replaced them with a mariachi band to play some authentic Tejano music.  We had tons of people in attendance for a Tuesday. We had all kinds of specials that we plan on having each and every Cinco De Mayo.  For starters we had our regular Tuesday night specials: $2 Long Islands. Then we added $3 Jose Cuervo, $4 margaritas, and $2 Dos XX. We had a few sombreros handed out and a basket full of maracas. It was so much fun and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Thank you all for showing up!


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