Before I begin I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that came out and hung out with us at South By South West this year.

On the first day of South By South West we opened our doors to EVERYONE. That means no badges, no wristbands, and no VIP lines. To go along with all of that we had started some new specials for some of our favorites including, Fireball shots, Well Liquor Pitchers, and our personal favorite Moscow Mule Pitchers. All of you took to our specials like white on rice. With our lowered prices and it seemed like constant liquor rep. promotions we kept your bodies relaxed and hydrated while keeping a smile on your faces. Once film and interactive was over we began the music portion with a huge 3 day long FREE Rock N’ Roll showcase. We had some of our favorites stop by such as The Kul, and man did those guys rock! We also had a few of our door guys’ bands stop by and play a few sets.

In between all of that we had our St. Patrick’s Day bash! On St. Patrick’s Day we made up a few special drink specials. Adding to our already amazing drink specials we had Irish Car Bombs and Jameson on special. It wouldn’t have been St. Patrick’s Day if we weren’t jamming out to some classic Irish music and handing out free green beads with each purchase of Jameson or an Irish Car Bomb. Needless to say St. Patrick’s Day was a huge success, and we want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and celebrating it with us.

With the reactions we received from y’all we plan on keeping it free and open to the public every year from here on out. So if you missed out this year we hope to see you and all of your friends next year.